How to Care for Your Juicer

How to Care for Your Juicer

How to Care for Your Juicer

The most important aspect of caring for your juicer will be keeping it clean. Whether you have a centrifugal juicer or a cold pressed juicer, it is extremely important to keep it clean. Some juicers offer ‘self-cleaning’ systems and are easier to clean than others, however all juicers require at least a little attention.

If you have been using and cleaning your juicer every day, but still notice discoloration in hard to reach areas or, even worse, ‘gunk’, then you are not cleaning it as well as you should. When gunk builds up, it can provide a place for bacteria to grow. This is generally considered unhealthy.

Assemble Your Cleaning Tools

Some of the parts of the juicer can be difficult to clean, but if you have the proper cleaning equipment, cleaning your juicer will change from being an onerous and time consuming chore into a simple, fast operation. Remember to unplug the juicer before you begin taking it apart for cleaning.

A scrubbing pad that has a sponge on one side and a somewhat abrasive scrubbing surface on the other can be used to clean most of your juicer.

A tough nylon brush is good for cleaning out the filter basket. A brush will work much better than a scrubbing pad, and you can use a toothbrush with stiff bristles, too.

You will also want something to clean out the pour spout or other such difficult to reach areas, and a pipe cleaning brush will be perfect for this.

Because you will not want to scratch up the plastic parts of the juicer, have a large plastic spoon on hand to remove pulp and other residue.

How to Clean Your Juicer

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Your cleaning task will go much quicker if you have everything at hand before you start cleaning the juicer.

Fill your sink with warm, sudsy water and place all the parts of the disassembled juicer in the water.

If there seems to be any ‘gunk’ in crevices, it would be a good idea to soak the part to soften for a while for easier removal.

Be sure to get all the particles of fruit or vegetables out of the filter basket screen with your nylon brush or toothbrush.

Once all the parts have been cleaned, allow them to dry, and finish up the drying with a clean towel.

Assemble the juice once everything is clean, and it will be ready for the next time you want a pitcher of fresh cold pressed juice.

Keeping your juicer clean will not only prevent bacterial contamination of your juice, but it will also help your juicer last longer.

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