Top Five Cold Pressed Juicers

Cold Pressed Juicers

Top Five Cold Pressed Juicers

Cold pressed juicers yield better tasting and more nutritious juice than their centrifugal counterparts. However, even narrowing down to the cold pressed variety leaves you plenty of options. Here, we name our five favorite juicers. Need to know more about juicing in general? Check out our Juicer’s Glossary.

Best All Around Juicer

The Omega Nutrition Center is one of the most well reviewed cold pressed juicers online – and with good reason. It has everything you should look for in a juicer – it’s quiet, easy to clean, and produces an excellent tasting, nutritious juice. Moreover, it can take on everything from fruits and veggies to leafy greens, nuts, and herbs. The Omega Nutrition Center is sleek, durable, and comes at an incredibly reasonable price. Our favorite juicer –and we’re not alone – hundreds of people have given the Omega J8004 five out of five stars.

Best Starter Juicer


The folks at Breville want you to understand your juicer and they do an excellent job of explaining just what their line of juicers can do. Straightforward and easy to use, the Breville Fountain Crush comes with a safe start system (all parts have to be in place before the juicer can start), an overload protection system (so no overflow), and an easy auto-clean system (just pour in a cup of water). An excellent cold pressed juicer for those just starting out – the Breville Fountain Crush will ease you into your new juicing lifestyle.

Most Luxurious

The all stainless steel Super Angel 5500 was made for the most passionate of juicers, and we thus don’t recommend her for everyone. Self-described as the “most advanced living juice extractor…in the world”, the Super Angel 5500 offers a superior tasting juice with a high yield and plenty of nutrition. However, at over $1100 a pop this juicer is certainly a luxury item. Some call it the Rolls Royce of juicers – the Super Angel 5500 is certainly for those who want only the very best parked in their kitchen.

Most User-Friendly

The Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer is compact, energy efficient, and easy to clean – and thus ranks as our most user-friendly cold pressed juicer. This lightweight model comes with minimal parts and no sharp blades, yet can still juice fruits, vegetables, soy, and leafy greens easily. Simply pour water through to utilize its self-cleaning system when changing to another fruit or veggie. This lightweight and quiet juicer comes with an attractive design that’s sure to look good in your kitchen.

Most Veggie Friendly

Most Veggie Friendly

Most high quality cold pressed juicers on the market today can handle veggies as well as fruits. However, one of our favorite juicers for taking down the toughest vegetables is the Green Star Elite 5000. This twin gear juicer can take down everything from leafy vegetables (Kale! Wheat grass!) to hard roots (Carrots! Ginger!). The Green Star Elite can also be used to juice fruits, herbs, and vegetables – it can also double as a food mill to prepare nut butters, sorbets and baby foods.

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