How Much Should I Pay for a Cold Pressed Juicer?

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How Much Should I Pay for a Cold Pressed Juicer?

At first glance, a cold pressed juicer may seem expensive. Indeed, the cold press variety does cost more, initially, than the average juice extractor found at the local big box store. However, serious juicers often find that investing in the cold press method actually saves money in the long run. This is largely because cold pressed juicers yield more juice from any given amount of produce. There is also the added benefit that these cold or masticating juicers yield more nutrients, and of course, a good model is less likely to break down from frequent use.

The Economics of a Cold Pressed Juicer

The Economics of a Cold Pressed Juicer

A good cold pressed juicer will likely cost in the range of $200-$400, which is admittedly more than the $50 or so a cheap juicer can go for. However, on average, the cold press method yields 35% more juice than the cheaper centrifugal juice extractors on the market. So, if you’re spending $100 a week on fresh fruits and vegetables for your juicer – a cold pressed juicer will extract 35% more juice, saving you $35 for the week.

That’s $1,820 over the course of the year!

The reason cold pressed juicers are more productive is that they produce a drier pulp than their centrifugal counterparts. This efficiency pays for itself many times over throughout the course of the year.

Juice Quality and Taste

A cold pressed juicer has the added benefit of creating tastier, more nutritious juice. A centrifugal juice extractor uses a fast moving metal blade to chop up produce – this motion creates heat which oxidizes nutrients. The oxidation process makes your juice less nutritious. The cold press method – as its name suggests – avoids heating up produce. Thus yielding healthier juice.

So How Much Should a Cold Pressed Juicer Cost?

A cold pressed juicer in the $200-$400 range will produce more juice, with more nutrients, and last longer than cheaper models. Investing in a good juicer pays off in the long run. For the best tasting and most nutritious juice – check out our reviews for the very best in cold pressed juicing.

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