Enjoy Cold Pressed Carrot Juice At Home

Carrot Juice

Enjoy Cold Pressed Carrot Juice At Home

If anyone tells you that making carrot juice at home is impossible, then they have probably not used the latest juice making mechanisms. You can easily make it at home if you have a cold pressed juicer. But first, before you begin, you should know the benefits of carrot juice. If you don’t, then let’s take a quick look at how beneficial it is for everyone.

Rich in Calories: A single cup of carrot juice has about 80 calories packed into it. For people that need 2000 calories per day, a single cup of carrot juice will constitute roughly four percent of the total calorie in-take required. It serves as an excellent alternative for water and keeps you feeling energetic and refreshed throughout the day.

carrot juice

Rich Vitamin Source: Carrot juice comprises of sufficient amounts of Vitamin A, Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B. You will get approximately 340 percent of the vitamin A required for your daily intake with a single glass. There is also about eighteen percent potassium, 100g of vitamin C, 0.3 mg of vitamin E, and 0.01g of vitamin B within that same glass.
Macronutrients Source: Carrot juice is a great source for macronutrients, and these include fats, proteins and carbohydrates. People usually tend to over consume fats, but with carrot juice, the ratio is perfect and just right. It has 1.3g of proteins, which is the perfect ratio to keep your calories in check. Ideally, your meal should have about 225 – 325g of carbohydrates, and a cup of carrot juice has about 18g.
With so much of nutritional richness, carrot juice offers you these health benefits:

Improves Eyesight
Improves digestion and stimulates appetite
improves liver function
Promotes lung health
Regulates blood sugar
Prevents Cancer
Improves your skin
Enriches Lactation in nursing mothers
Making Carrot Juice at Home
Here are some simple steps that you can take to make carrot juice at home:

Wash the carrots well (around eight carrots). Chop off the two ends, and peel them to get rid of risks of pesticides on the surface.

Wash the carrots

Cut the carrots into medium sized pieces. If you throw them into the juicer whole, then it will damage the machine. Keep it to 1-2 inched chunks.
Puree them: When you turn on the blender, it will mash the carrots
Add Boiled Water: Add enough warm water to make it into a juice and blend it a little to mix it
Let it steep: Warm water brings out the best flavor, so let the carrots soak for 15-30 minutes in warm water
Strain it: Remove the pulp by straining it
Add Orange Juice: This will help improve the taste. Add as much as you like.
Chill it and Serve it with Ice
Make sure that you get a cold pressed juicer at home, because with it; making carrot juice will become so much easier and fun for you.

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