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How To Do A Juice Clean

How To Do A Juice Clean ?

Do you know that we are all guilty of unhealthy eating habits?

This is as a result of the high consumption of processed foods, which may be toxic to our health on a long run. Due to your busy schedule, you constantly consume fast foods and have little time to prepare your own meal. A thorough juice cleanse is the only means we can rid our body of the toxic substances we’ve been consuming and get our health balanced again. Juice cleansing is highly recommended to be done every now and then. As a matter of fact, I’ve known about juice cleanse since when I was little. My parents always emphasized on a getting a juice cleansing every month to:

Juice cleanse

1. Give your body digestive system rest

2. Alleviate any chronic inflammation you may be having 

3. Discover any food sensitivities 

4. Cleanse your body system from toxic substances

5. Balance your health

6. Enhance your body freshness

A great juice cleansing habit is a great way to put your body system back in good shape. In this article, you are going to be learning step by step how to do a juice cleanse.


For anything to be successful, the foundation is very important.If your preparation stage is not good then your results will not be good. Before jumping into juice cleanse, there are certain things that must be put in place first. Let’s quickly dive into it.

a. Pre-cleanse

The first thing you have to do in preparation for a juice cleanse is pre-cleanse. We can’t jump right into cleansing your body system. There may be side effects. This is why carrying a thorough pre-cleanse is very critical. So how do you carry out pre-cleanse before juice cleanse? Just right before the week scheduled for your cleansing: 

✓ Modify your diet. 

✓ Take more of fruits and veggies. 

✓ Take less processed foods in preparation for the cleanse proper. 

✓ Reduce the quantity of food you consume.

✓ Drink more clean water.

✓ Take exercises regularly for that week.

b. Get your juice cleanse recipe

 juice cleansing recipe

The next item you’ll need for this journey to be successful is getting your juice cleansing recipe. This is by far the most important preparation step. You can either purchase a perfect juice cleanse recipe or make it yourself with the best juicer machines. Some things have to be put into consideration whether you are buying your juice recipe or you are going with the homemade juice recipe. If you are making your juice at home, you need to consider using the best juicer machines that will bring out the quality of the juice. Also, juices made at home should be consumed quickly. This is because if left out for long, it may lose its nutrients.


Juice cleansing involves taking in juice only made from fruits and veggies as a means to detox our body system. See the steps on how to do a juice cleanse below. 

Step one:

Make sure you get some lemon water accompanied with herbal tea. Before taking in the juice cleanse recipe, the first thing is to prepare your system by drinking some lemon water. It basically helps kick start the cleansing process. Each time I want to embark on two or three weeks juice fasting, warm lemon water is always my first companion. It helps stimulate the liver. Herbal tea can also be added if you want.

Glass of water with fresh lemon juice on the wooden table

Step two:

There are several juices out there. To make sure this process is successful you have to select your juice ingredients with wisdom. Ensure that your juice is made from organic ingredients as much as possible. Organic products give better nutrients than inorganic ones. They contain high levels of antioxidants and less cadmium. This is why they are preferable. 

In addition to that, ensure your products are properly washed if you’re making it yourself. This will help remove dirt and harmful substances. Make use of a good wash specifically made for washing products like this.

Lastly, use fruits with low sugar content. This is a great choice for juice fasting. In order to achieve incredible results, it is essential that fruits with high sugar content be avoided. Make sure your recipes contain more of veggies than fruits. 

Step three:

Still talking about how to do a juice cleanse properly. Make a schedule on how you will be taking the juice. Set a target to take up to eight juices per day. If you think that’s too much for you and you may not be able to follow it. Make your own schedule and follow it judiciously. Try as much as possible to be faithful with your juice fast, don’t skip any until you finish your fast. This will help achieve your goals.

Step four:

Exercise is an essential part of this cleansing process. During the process of cleansing, your body is still trying to adapt to the new development. Exercising would help the detoxification process. Several studies revealed that when the body exercised and sweat is produced, some toxic substances are released. 

Try indulging in light exercises such as yoga, where you don’t have to move from one place to another. The reason for this is because during this process, your level of energy would have reduced. Doing heavy exercises may cause problem. 

Well, this is not applicable to everyone. Some people may be full of energy to handle heavy exercises. However, the most important thing is to understand your body properly. When you do, you will know what it needs.

Step Five:

During the few weeks you will be indulging in this fast, note that the essence of this main process is help your digestive system take a vacation. Therefore, ensure you also focus on resting very well. After each daily routine, take plenty of rest. Observe your siesta and sleep early. Resting doesn’t entail sleeping alone; merely just lying down doing nothing can be categorized as rest.

Step Six:

There is nothing that has a beginning that doesn’t have an end. You have decided to embark on a juice fast for one, two or three weeks. If you make it a daily sacrifice to take in juices properly prepared, at the end of the three weeks you planned for the fast, you should see some results. Check out the results you have achieved so far and celebrate.


Juice cleanse is one of the most effective ways of getting your body system back in good health. It entails putting yourself on a juice diet for a chosen period. A lot have been said on the importance of juice cleanse to the body. It is, however, advisable to carry out juice cleanse often to rid our body of the unwanted materials in the body due to high consumption of processed food on a daily basis. 

We have listed out six solid steps on how to do a juice cleanse. These steps will help ensure that this procedure is successful. Follow these steps judiciously and wait to see the results of your hard work.

After you have completed your juice cleanse. You will want to fall back on taking in solid foods. It is not advisable to just jump back into taking solid foods just like that. I will recommend you take in smoothies and fruits for some time. Also, you can start by eating meat for a few days. Whichever you are doing, ensure it suits your body.