Portable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves, Best For Travel, Reusable Pack Of 4 –

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Specification Overview

MPN: BP51910
Brand: ToNic Innovation
UPC: 641361818257
EAN: 0641361818257

Product Description

Specification Overview:

MPN: BP51910
Brand: ToNic Innovation
UPC: 641361818257
EAN: 0641361818257

Portable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves, Best For Travel, Reusable Pack Of 4 – Wino’s

  • THREE POINT PROTECTION – Protects your bottle from breaking with bubble wrap inner lining. Ziplock closure prevents leaks and condensation. Rolled up velcro closure ensures your bottle will not escape.
  • NOT JUST FOR WINE – Not a wine enthusiast? No problem! Our reusable wine bags are large enough to hold the largest of bottles! That means you can carry liquor, water, or just about ANY liquid in a container.
  • 4 REUSABLE DURABLE ECO-FRIENDLY HOLDERS – The ultimate protection for your wine, luggage and your clothes. Ideal gift or accessory for wine lovers; keeps luggage safe from bottle breakage. When empty, they lie flat and take up very little space. Will hold most standard size bottles up to 1.5 liters.
  • Protects wine and alcohol bottles from breaking during transport Has bubble right lining Sealed with double ziplock seals and velcro Set of 4
Product Dimensions: 1.0 x 16.0 x 7.0 in
Weight: 0.6 lb
Product description

Protect What Is Valuable To You

ToNic Innovation is proud to introduce Wino’s Portable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves – Protective Bottle Caddy. Wino’s finally gives you a way to safely transport just about any liquid safely without fear of spillage or breakage. Large enough to fit up to a 750 ml bottle, our plastic pvc bottle holders ensure that your precious cargo gets to your destination safely and unharmed.
Imagine finally being able to get away and relax only to have your trip ruined because your favorite beverage leaked or shattered in your luggage. You not ruined that perfect bottle you were saving for that special occasion, but you more than likely ruined your clothes and anything else that was in your bag! Our Wine Bags solve this problem by keeping both your transported liquid and your clothes and personal belongings dry and safe.

Reusable At A Disposable Cost

Wino’s Portable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves give you the ultimate protection for your liquid filled bottles and small fragile items. Made of tapered durable PVC plastic and bubble wrap packing material, our bottle bags protect by keeping your bottles from shattering.
Wino’s also adds another triple layer of protection to keep you liquids from leaking. In addition to the leak-proof PVC, our sleeves employ two Ziploc closures. And if that weren’t enough, we added an additional foldable velcro closure.
Unlike most wine bags and protector sleeves, Wino’s can be used over and over!

Not Just For Bottles Anymore

Have souvenirs or fragile items? Keep them safe in our bottle sleeves! Jewelry, figurines, glass, all will be perfectly safe during transport. Don’t forget about your liquid toiletries. Pack your cologne, perfume, and mouthwash without fear of leakage. Traveling with little ones? Milk and juice will not mess up your travel plans.
If it is important to you, and you can haul it, we can protect it!

Protection in 3 Easy Steps


  • Remove the bubblewrap insert
  • Place the bubblewrap insert over your bottle
  • Place the plastic cover over the bottle and bubblewrap insert

  • Place sleeve on its side
  • Close ziplock closure #1
  • Close ziplock closure #2

  • Roll up the bottom of the sleeve twice
  • Press the velcro tabs together firmly
  • Pack and enjoy your trip



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